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Writing your reports can be slow. It’s not always easy to know what to include, and how to piece it together. By using the power of AI, Grizzly helps you filter through the noise to write what you need, when you need it.

No more blank pages. No more hunting data. No more wasting time. Describe your report, and watch as Grizzly uses its cutting-edge AI technology to deliver it in seconds flat.


Writing the same report every week?

As companies grow, writing becomes a constant cycle of hunting examples, copy-pasting, and filling out templates. To move quicker, your team needs an AI that can write like them, for them. 

Whether you’re crafting reports for clients or colleagues, Grizzly automates the writing process by learning your style from examples. With powerful AI features you can instantly create new reports that look like your team wrote them.

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Bring your knowledge to the table

Tap into the wealth of knowledge within your business with generative AI. Ask Grizzly anything and get answers in seconds - from summarizing lengthy documents to uncovering key insights across multiple files.

With Grizzly’s next-generation knowledge base, you can analyze, transform, and search through your content with ease. Instantly find the knowledge needed for your reports, so you can maximize the time spent delivering them to your clients.

“With Grizzly, I can confidently pass off routine report writing to AI, leaving me ample time to concentrate on the work that matters”

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